Pet Memorials

This page is dedicated to our pets. They are our family members, friends, loved ones and loyal companions.  They have nothing but un-conditional love to give us. They sit by our bedside when we are sick, and they listen intently to our secrets and teary confessions.

When we lose them, we may not want to admit it, but we may grieve differently than we do for a relative.  We added this page just for you, our clients, who want to memorialize your special companion and friend.  If you would like your pet memorial added, please click here.


Emmy Sue                                                                            1975...June 2012

Emmy Sue...Two generations enjoyed brushing your long white mane, taking you out to grass and learning how to ride on your short pony legs. You've been gone for a year now, and there is not a day that goes by that we don't tell a story about you. We glance to the pasture every now and then thinking we will see you out grazing under the apple tree. Memories of your nicker will get us through till we meet again on the Rainbow Bridge. Rest easy friend.
~Mandy, Mike, Emma & Sophie De Puy

Phantom, the stray who found us!

Phantom found us. She was a stray, 6 months old half starved and had feline leukemia. She was the sweetest little girl, for the year she was with us. She taught us to love for the moment because sometimes the end comes way too soon. RIP my little angel.

Our Beloved "Chef Shadow"

Shadow had a sense of humor that never wavered and was always interested in the next adventure... I hope I can rally and find that within myself again too,with his spirit within me even if his fur is no longer beside me.


You... dear boy were the pure essence of "LOVE" in every regard and you will always be missed... by all of us, me (dog-mom) dog-dad-Michael, sisters sophie and catty-boy/girl and little guy... we love you still.

My Meggie

She was given to me in May 2006.  Her nickname was Smiley because of her smile. She was always giving out hugs to anyone who hold her.  For 2 years she was kept from me by a family that knew it would hurt me more.  I kept an eye on her and even had the local vet help us out. When we found out they were leaving in the night, we demand they bring Meggie to the house or they go to jail.  So back in my life in February 2011... our life was back to normal.  Then she got sick last Christmas and I got scared.  She taught her last lesson to me--we will always see each other soon.  When I told her good-bye she gave a kiss and smile for the last time.


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