Common Questions

What is Cremation?

Cremation is a process where the pet's remains are exposed to intense heat.  Through heat and evaporation, the remains are reduced to the body's basic elements.  The cremated remains are what is commonly referred to as "cremains".  They are odorless, sterile, weigh only a fraction of the pet's original weight, and can be safely stored indefinately.


Why should I choose to cremate my pet?

Having your pet cremated is a personal choice that is made by you and your family.  Cremation is clean and hygenic, as well as environmentally sound, and allows you time to reflect on where you would like your pet's final resting place. Your pet's ashes can be scattered in their favorite place in the yard, on a nice memorial garden or placed in an attractive urn. 

Pet burial close to your home is common, but our lives change possibly moving us from one home to another. Thoughtful pet cremation gives us the option to keep our beloved pet with us at all times.


How long does cremation take?

The process can take several hours, depending on the size of your pet.  When complete, the remains are processed and placed into an urn of the owner's choice for return to the family.


How do I know I am receiving my pet back?

All cremations are performed at our facility, so your beloved pet is never out of our care. When we cremate your pet privately or individually, we follow strict policies and procedures of logging, handling and recording to ensure tracking of every pet entrusted to us. Each pet is assigned a tracking identification number, known as our "Oakwood Promise", ensuring positive ID during their entire stay with us. For additional peace of mind, we can make arrangements for you to be present at your pet's cremation. We understand we are taking care of a member of your family who deserves the very best.


What type of container will my pet's cremated remains be returned in?

Our private cremations are returned in an attractive wooden box and placed in a descrete handled bag.  We do offer other quality urns, keepsakes and memorial plaques to choose from.  Some of these items can be viewed here.


What if my veterinarian does not offer the services of Oakwood Pet Memorial Center?

When a pet is euthanized or dies at a veterinarian clinic, the owner has the option to have the pet taken care of through any crematory. Even if your veterinarian does not use Oakwood Pet Memorial Center as their primary provider, you can make arrangements directly with us to have your pet picked up. Be sure to let your vet know you want to use Oakwood Pet Memorial Center and give us a call at (231) 649.3963.


When will I receive my pet's remains?

Oakwood Pet Memorial Center makes every effort to pick up your pet on the same day as death occurs, often within the hour. This means we can have the urn ready for you within 24 to 48 hours, depending on additional services or special order requests.


Can I Bring My Pet To Oakwood Pet Memorial Center Myself?

Yes. We are proud of our facility and the services we provide, and maintain a 100% open door policy.  We do not hold regular hours as we are often off-site attending to others in need, please call in advance to ensure we will be there to meet you.  If preferred, you can arrange for Oakwood Pet Memorial Center to pickup your pet at your residence or veterinarian's clinic.

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